• ZP-800 Gear Oil Treatment

    ZP-800 Gear Oil Treatment

    Adds years of life to all types of gears including bevel, helical, herringbone, rack and pinion, hypnoid, internal, spiral, spur and worm. Significant power transfer, resists galling, abrasion, pitting, peening,…

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  • ZP-900 Hydraulic Anti-Foam

    ZP-900 Hydraulic Anti-Foam

    Guards against disastrous pump cavitation with a de-foament that prevents power losses occurring from bubbles in the hydraulic system.

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  • ZP-1000 Moly Grease

    ZP-1000 Moly Grease

    Corrosion and rust inhibitors, water resistance, and extreme pressure properties provide anti-wear and low friction performance through a wide temperature range of operation.

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  • ZP-1061 Penetrating Fluid

    ZP-1061 Penetrating Fluid

    "The Final Word" quickly penetrates subsurface metals deeper than rust, gum, or varnish and loosens rusted and frozen parts preventing damage to metal surfaces.

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