Gasoline (Petrol) powered vehicles.


Diesel, bio-diesel and gas powered.


Bulldozers, dump trucks, backhoes, etc.


Tractors, bailers, trucks, combines.


Oil and natural gas operations.


Textiles, paper, plastic, cement, etc.


Strip mines or underground mines.


Ships, boats, barges and tugs.

Power Generation

Turbines, boilers, and generators.


Vans, trucks, taxi's, buses, and long-haul.

All Terrain

Quad bikes, three and four-wheelers.

Recreational and Leisure

4-stroke to 2-stroke.

Welcome To Nitro 9 Industrial Lubricants and Additives

Nitro 9 is an internationally recognized, Dallas based lubricant and additive developer. Recognized for providing exceptionally durable industrial strength lubricants and fuel additives for over forty years, that comply with the increasingly demanding government-mandated emissions and fuel-economy standards, protecting braking systems from wear and tear, and extending the life of machinery operating continuously or at extremely high temperatures.

Our products deliver technologies that maximize the reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of all types of diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines in motion, allowing the equipment driving todays modern industrial environments to work better and last longer.

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affordable lubricants & additives

Affordable Solutions

The cost of down time is greater than the cost of the lubricants and additives. The savings realized from reduced down time can result in as much as a 60% annually. An innovative and affordable solution that provides real cash benefits.

eco-friendly oil and fuel additives and lubricants

Ecologically Sound

Our products enable customers to comply with the increasingly demanding government-mandated emissions and fuel-economy standards facing todays industries with a time tested and proven track record of affordability.


lubricants and fuel additives

Extensive Testing

Our additive and lubricant technologies measure up in the field under real-world conditions and extensive independent global lab tests, offering our customers a rich history of innovative solutions with world-class support.

international shipping

Global Supply

It takes superior product technology, a global supply chain, expert services, and extensive technical support to deliver additive technology solutions. With facilities and people strategically located around the globe, we're able to deliver custom solutions on time, every time.

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